Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Welfare Reform

Lord Freud


Lord Freud was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for Welfare Reform) in May 2010. He is a Conservative member of the House of Lords.


He studied philosophy, politics and economics at Merton College, Oxford.

Political career

Lord Freud was appointed the shadow Minister for Welfare Reform in February 2009.

He previously advised the government on how to reform the welfare system, publishing an independent report in March 2007 entitled ‘Reducing dependency, increasing opportunity: options for the future of welfare to work’.

Career outside politics

Lord Freud was Vice Chairman of Investment Banking for UBS, where he organised the restructuring of National Air Traffic Control and the reshaping of the Channel Tunnel Railway Link.

He was a journalist at the Financial Times for 8 years before starting his banking career.

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Welfare Reform

The Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Welfare Reform is responsible for:

  • Universal Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • benefit cap (a limit on the total amount of benefit people can get)
  • the Social Security Advisory Committee
  • credit unions
  • mental health review
  • the Health and Work Service
  • bereavement benefits
  • health and safety


  1. Welfare reform

    • 22 October 2014


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