About us

The Veterinary Products Committee (VPC) advises Defra on veterinary medicinal products and animal feed additives.

The VPC can hear representations and appeals on decisions about the granting, refusal or withdrawal of a marketing authorisation for a veterinary medicinal product or an animal test certificate.

Our responsibilities

We’re responsible for:

  • providing independent advice on specific scientific issues relating to marketing authorisations for veterinary medicines and animal test certificates
  • considering reports of suspected adverse events relating to veterinary medicines and provide advice to the VMD

Our priorities

Our terms of reference, agreed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) minister in October 2005, are to:

  • provide the Secretary of State with scientific advice on any aspect of veterinary medicinal products and specified feed additives
  • promote the collection of information relating to suspected adverse reactions for the purpose of advising the minister
  • hear representations on decisions relating to the granting, refusal, variation, suspension or revocation of a marketing authorisation for a veterinary medicinal product or an animal test certificate

Our scientific advice covers all aspects, including risk/benefit analysis, of the safety, quality and efficacy of a veterinary medicinal product apart from regulatory issues.

Who we are

We’re an independent scientific advisory committee which meets about 3 times a year at the offices of the VMD:

Woodham Lane
New Haw
KT15 3LS

We don’t employ any staff. Our secretariat is resourced by the VMD and can be contacted at vpc@vmd.gov.uk

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