Complaints procedure

How complain about the Veterinary Medicines Directorate's services.

We can help with complaints about our service, the way we operate, or how one of our marketing authorisations has been handled.

There are certain types of complaints we can’t help with, including the:

  • pricing of veterinary medicines
  • veterinarians’ fees and charges

The disposal of veterinary medicines is an issue for the Environment Agency.

How to complain

You should complain to the member of staff you’ve been dealing with. If this isn’t possible, email us at, telephone us on 01932 336911 or send us a fax on 01932 336618.

To complain about the way a marketing authorisation assessment has been handled, contact our authorisations director, Marie-Odile Hendrickx, at

If your complaint is about another part of our service, you can contact our operations director, Paul Green, at

What happens next

We’ll investigate your complaint and send you a full reply within 15 working days. If this isn’t possible, we’ll let you know why and tell you when you can expect a full response.

If you’re still not satisfied

If you’re still not satisfied, you can ask your MP to refer your complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.