Social media use

Why and how the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) uses social media and what you can expect from us.

Why and how the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) uses social media and what you can expect from us.

Our social media accounts are managed by the VOA’s Communications team.

If you follow us, you can expect news and updates, signposts to help and guidance, VOA official publications and announcements, information about job vacancies including apprenticeships and graduate opportunities.

Engaging with us

It is very important that you do not give out your personal financial details on social media at any time. We will not discuss the tax affairs of individual taxpayers over social media and can only answer general queries.

We will read posts directed to us and will pass any emerging themes or helpful suggestions to the relevant people. However, due to resource constraints we will not always be able to reply individually to posts where we are mentioned.

We also cannot accept messages on social media as notification in respect of your dealings with us.

We are bound by the Civil Service Code and cannot engage on issues of party politics.

If you need to contact us please use our contact form.


Our following of a social media account does not imply endorsement of any kind by the VOA and if you follow us, we will not automatically follow you back.


We generally update and monitor our social media accounts during office hours only (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm). We may schedule content to be shared outside these times.

Moderation and participation policy

When posting comments:

  • be respectful of others who use the site
  • do not use language that is offensive, threatening, inflammatory or provocative (this includes, but is not limited to, swearing and obscene or vulgar comments)
  • do not break the law (this includes libel, condoning illegal activity and contempt of court)
  • do not use comments for party political purposes
  • do not post personal information in comments, such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or other online contact details, which relate to you or others
  • do not impersonate or falsely claim to represent a person or an organisation
  • do not make any commercial endorsement or promotion of any product, service or publication not relevant to the discussion
  • do not post comments designed to cause nuisance to the administrator or other users along with these guidelines, please make sure you observe any ‘House Rules’ for specific sites or communities
  • we reserve the right to remove comments, mute or block users
  • following or engagement with the VOA does not imply endorsement of any kind