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The Shareholder Executive's aim is to be an effective shareholder of businesses owned or part-owned by the government and to manage government’s interventions in the private sector in order to secure best value for the taxpayer.

The Shareholder Executive (ShEx) manages the government’s shareholder relationships with businesses owned or part-owned by the government. It also offers a wide range of corporate finance expertise and advice to government departments in order to ensure the taxpayer gets good value for money and plays a key role in delivering the government’s digital strategies.

For more information on our role and approach see our latest annual review.


We are responsible for:

  • looking after a group of 20 state-owned businesses (from organisations as large as the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to smaller businesses like the Working Links)
  • advising on the sale of Government assets
  • offering corporate finance expertise across government
  • working with other departments to ensure the release of the electromagnetic spectrum held by the public sector
  • BIS’s digital strategy


In 2013 to 2014, our priorities will be:

  • modernising the Royal Mail business, introducing private capital into Royal Mail Group Ltd and achieving a stable and sustainable post office network
  • reviewing options to monetise the Student Loan book
  • bringing together several government bodies and data in a Public Data Group (PDG) to provide easier access to public data
  • supporting the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) to run an effective competition to find Parent Body Organisations (PBO) for the Magnox Ltd and Research Sites Restoration Ltd sitesand the Sellafield contract
  • investigating alternative ownership structures for core assets
  • advising on the possible sale of non-core assets as part of the government’s growth and efficiency agenda
  • providing technical support for the establishment of a Business Bank
  • establishing the Green Investment Bank

Who we are

The Shareholder Executive is formed of 3 units.


We are responsible for the majority of the portfolio of government owned or part-owned businesses. The businesses include those where the Shareholder Executive has a clear shareholding mandate or a seat on the board. Our involvement in each business varies depending on our agreed role and ability to have the greatest impact:

  • executive role: where we are accountable to ministers directly
  • joint team role: where we work alongside shareholder teams within departments
  • advisory role: where we advise shareholder teams within departments

We are also responsible for involvement in various MoD and DfH projects and for the release of electromagnetic spectrum held by the public sector.

For more information on the portfolio see Shareholder Executive: Portfolio Unit

Corporate finance practice

We provide corporate finance advice to BIS and other government departments. We have a broad range of expertise covering corporate finance, corporate recovery and capital markets. Activities generally fall into 3 main categories: interventions (e.g. launch investment), companies in distress, and wider corporate finance advice (including advising on realisation of value from Government assets. We are also responsible for a number of non-core assets where the government has no formal shareholder mandate. For more information on the assignments of the units see the Shareholder Executive annual review 2012 to 2013.

Business Bank and PDG

We are responsible for the establishment of a British Business Bank to help unlock finance for smaller businesses. We are also responsible the government’s ownership of the Insolvency Service as well as the 4 businesses in the portfolio of government owned or part owned businesses that form the Public Data Group (PDG) – Met Office, Land Registry, Ordnance Survey and Companies House.

We work on these topics

  1. Business and enterprise

    The government is working to create the right conditions for companies to thrive and make it easier for people to start successful new businesses. Read more

Our policies

  1. Ensuring the future of the universal postal service and Post Office network services

    How the government is making sure there will always be a universal postal service.

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  1. Spectrum Strategy

    • 10 March 2014
    • Policy paper
  2. Shareholder Executive annual review 2012 to 2013

    • 22 November 2013
    • Corporate report

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