Procurement at Coal Authority

Supplying goods and services to the Coal Authority.

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Conditions of contract and guidelines for contractors and consultants

Coal Authority: conditions of contract for consultancy services March 2017 (PDF, 351KB, 26 pages)

Coal Authority: conditions of contract for works and services, March 2009 (PDF, 287KB, 46 pages)

Safety, health and environment: Coal Authority guidelines for contractors (PDF, 1.52MB, 9 pages)

Contract categories:

  • facilities management:
    • maintenance of office equipment, landscape maintenance and planting
    • car hire, catering, cleaning and security services
  • services:
    • engineering design services, quantity surveying and surveying
    • legal, human resources and financial services
    • information, public and corporate relations
    • valuation, property and land management including acquisition
  • analysis:
    • testing and sampling of water, gases and soils; monitoring movement of tips
  • construction:
    • civil engineering of minewater treatment schemes, minor civils requirements such as fencing and dealing with ground collapses
    • builders and decorators for repairs to properties
  • operation and maintenance:
    • operation of minewater treatment plants using chemicals; maintenance of smaller sites eg general tidying and fencing repairs
  • drilling:
    • drilling of boreholes and for site/ground investigation works
  • ICT:
    • provision of services, supply of hardware and software


Mansfield HQ
site specific (ie London)
UK coalfield regions (all)
regional contracts

Awarded one-off contracts

Coal Authority:recently awarded and current contracts (Updated Jan 2016) (PDF, 39.3KB, 3 pages)

Coal Authority:awarded contracts, Jan to Dec 2014 (PDF, 45.7KB, 4 pages)

Coal Authority: awarded contracts, Jan to Dec 2013 (PDF, 81.6KB, 3 pages)

Coal Authority:awarded contracts, Jan to Dec 2012 (PDF, 81.6KB, 3 pages)

Coal Authority: awarded contracts, Jan to Dec 2011 (PDF, 17.8KB, 7 pages)

These contracts may have ongoing requirements after the expiry date which include frameworks and term contracts.

Renewable contracts

Coal Authority: renewable contracts (updated Jan 2016) (PDF, 36.5KB, 7 pages)

Whistleblowing policy

The Coal Authority conducts its procurement practices according to best practice and government guidelines and aims to manage its contractual relationships to obtain best value for the public. The Coal Authority whistleblowing policy (PDF, 129KB, 8 pages) should help anyone wishing to report any matter that does not support this aim.