Our governance

The main decision-making board and committees of the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG).

OPG board

The board ensures that we meet the objectives in OPG’s business plan.


Members make decisions as a group, not as representatives of any business area. Members are:

  • Alan Eccles, Public Guardian and Chief Executive (chair)
  • Dean Parker, non-executive director
  • Janet Grossman, non-executive director
  • Professor Anthony Shapira, non-executive director
  • Shaun Gallagher, non-executive director
  • Chris Jones, Head of Strategy and Business Development
  • Angela Johnson, Head of Practice and Compliance
  • Iain Dougall, Head of Operations
  • Karen Morley, Head of Corporate Services

OPG executive management committee

The committee makes and reports day-to-day decisions in OPG.


Members are:

  • Alan Eccles (chair)
  • Steve Rider, Head of Chief Executive’s Office
  • Chris Jones
  • Angela Johnson
  • Iain Dougall
  • Karen Morley

OPG audit and risk assurance committee

The committee advises the principal accounting officer and the executive management board on:

  • risk management, control and governance processes
  • the statement on internal control
  • accounting policy and the accounts for the Ministry of Justice (MoJ)
  • planned audits
  • the results of internal and external audits
  • management responses to issues raised during an audit
  • anti-fraud policies, whistleblowing processes and details for special investigations
  • how well OPG meets the Ministry of Justice corporate governance rules


Members are:

  • Dean Parker, non-executive director (chair)
  • Anne Fletcher, independent member
  • Professor Anthony Schapira, non-executive director
  • Alan Eccles

The committee meets 4 times a year. The minutes are available from the executive support team.

Email: opgexecsupportteam@publicguardian.gsi.gov.uk