Complaints procedure

The NDA recognises that complaints, feedback and suggestions can be valuable aids to maintaining and improving standards of service and operation.

The NDA will:

  • ensure the complaints procedure is co-ordinated and managed across the organisation
  • monitor complaint handling and ensure responses are made within the timeframes outlined in this document
  • maintain a record of complaints and their resolution and provide management information to ensure lessons are learned to improve performance

The complaints procedure is designed to:

  • set out a clear route for handling complaints about the operations, policies and procedures of the NDA
  • ensure complaints are dealt with promptly and thoroughly and that the outcomes are communicated in a timely manner
  • make efficient use of the information collected as management information so that lessons can be learned
  • set out how positive feedback can be captured and distributed

Additional information should you wish to make a claim against any entity within the NDA’s estate

Further information can be found in the following documents: