Our governance

Details of the governance of the Northern Ireland Office, including its management board.

The director of the Northern Ireland Office is responsible for overseeing the delivery of the our objectives as set out in our business plan.

In addition to policy teams covering the range of reserved matters, the office also has a ministerial private office, press office and a finance and administration section.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee is a sub-committee of our management board. It assists the accounting officer and the board in their responsibilities. The committee monitors the department’s risk management and its internal controls on a quarterly basis during the financial year. The committee provides assurance to the board on systems of corporate governance, risk management and internal control within the department and its funded bodies.

At the point of devolution, the board concluded that a single non-executive director, supported by 2 independent members on the Audit and Risk Committee, was appropriate to the size of the restructured department and in line with similar bodies. However, following a recent review, the board is now considering whether it would be appropriate to appoint a second non-executive director.