Equality and diversity

We believe our people should reflect and understand the diverse society we serve.

Our objectives

Richard Heaton, Permanent Secretary for the MOJ, and Civil Service Race Champion, has set out the following objectives for the MOJ.

Increase diversity

To increase the representation of staff from different protected characteristics and backgrounds in the Senior Civil Service and ensure we nurture a diverse pool of talented staff able to sustain and strengthen this over the long term.

Improve inclusion

To build an ethos and culture that values difference and drives improved diversity throughout the organisation to increase representation, performance and organisational effectiveness.

Embed diversity and inclusion in all that we do

To develop our leaders and strengthen governance to build diversity and inclusion into all areas of the business and drive our performance over the long term.

What we’re doing

We protect all employees and members of the public accessing our services from discrimination in the workplace as set out in the Equality Act 2010.

We create an inclusive culture where all staff and our service users are treated with respect for who they are and what they do regardless of their:

  • age
  • disability
  • gender reassignment or gender identity
  • race
  • religion or belief
  • sex
  • sexual orientation
  • marriage and civil partnership
  • pregnancy and maternity, or
  • any other irrelevant attribute.

Increasing diversity at all levels

We have a number of development programmes for BAME, disabled, LGBT and female staff to address under-representation at senior levels, including:

  • Project Race to improve race equality and tackle disproportionate outcomes for BAME staff
  • Positive Action Pathway to build skills and confidence, and realise the potential of under-represented employees

  • Coaching Squared to provide peer-to-peer coaching for BAME, LGBT, disabled and women employees

Improving inclusion and valuing difference

We offer advice to employees and senior leadership through diversity staff networks for race, disability, gender, LGBT, Christian, Muslim, carers, job sharers, and new and expectant parents. Our networks encourage positive role models and allies at all levels.

We are actively involved in networks across the Civil Service including Christians, disability, Muslims, race and carers. We have also created a cross-government LGBTQ* and allies community for digital and technology.

We are currently working to:

  • support LGBT visibility through events and consultations

    We work in partnership with the Civil Service Rainbow Alliance (CSRA) and a wider public sector LGBT consortium. We also part fund a:gender, a support network for staff in government who have changed or need to change permanently their perceived gender, who otherwise identify as Trans or who identify as intersex.

  • encourage flexible working

    We offer job-sharing, part time and other working patterns together with the Cross Government Job Share and Alternative Working Network.

  • address gender disparity

    We are helping women back into careers in technology by mentoring and hosting the Mums In Technology coding school.

  • increase social mobility

    A key focus of our social mobility strategy is outreach activity. At the heart of this is the MoJ Schools Programme, which encourages volunteers to work with pupils from deprived backgrounds to increase awareness, build confidence and improve the potential outcomes of young people as they transition from school to employment.

Building diversity and inclusion in all that we do

We have made delivering on diversity and equality everyone’s responsibility.

The Executive Board has a Director General diversity champion and each board member leads on a diversity characteristic, supported by a team of Senior Civil Servant diversity champions across the organisation.

Everybody at MOJ is encouraged to understand and address the diverse needs of the communities we serve. We help people deliver roles fairly and inclusively, and in accordance with equality law, by offering learning and training in areas including:

  • ‘unconscious bias’
  • equality & diversity essentials
  • race awareness
  • disability awareness
  • LGBT awareness
  • mental health awareness
  • becoming a dementia friend
  • dealing with bullying, harassment & discrimination

We provide confidential support and assistance to deal with bullying, harassment and discrimination, including trained bullying and harassment advisers, access to an Employee Assistance Programme and comprehensive staff guidance.

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