Tariff Classification Service


Get help with tariff classification issues

You will need to provide the following:

  • company name (if applicable)
  • contact name
  • contact number (provide email address and a direct contact number, no switchboards)
  • highlight the option which best describes your item:
    • agricultural, chemical, textiles or ceramics (including food, drink, plastics, cosmetics,sports equipment, games, toys, clothing, shoes)
    • electrical, mechanical or miscellaneous (including vehicles, optical and measuring devices, machinery, musical instruments, metal, furniture, lighting, paper, printed matter, straw, glass, wood, jewellery)
  • goods, a detailed description of the product, this must include:
    • what the product is
    • what it is made of, if made of more than one material please explain
    • what it is used for
    • how the product works or functions
    • how it is presented or packaged

Envisaged code - look at finding commodity codes for import and export duty, to assist you with this.