Working for HMRC

We are one of the country’s largest employers, with around 66,000 people working across the UK. Our purpose is to collect the money that pays for the UK’s public services and give financial support to people who need it.

What we do

We are responsible for calculating and collecting taxes and duties paid by more than 50 million people and more than 5 million businesses.

The tax we collect is vital. It funds schools and hospitals, builds roads and infrastructure and supports communities and the economy – so we need everyone to pay the tax that is legally due, no matter who they are.

In addition, we pay and administer Child Benefit, Tax-Free Childcare, statutory pay and tax credits. We protect our citizens, for example, through enforcing the National Minimum Wage and Living Wage and we help keep our borders safe and ensure that trade flows smoothly in and out of the country.

We touch the lives of everyone in the UK through the scale and range of the work that we do. Wherever we work and whatever we do, we strive to be professional, act with integrity, show respect and be innovative.

The work we do

Providing excellent customer services

When you join us, you’ll be working for one of the UK’s largest customer services organisations – with our customers at the heart of everything we do.

We want people to feel confident that everyone’s treated fairly and with respect, applying the law impartially, effectively and efficiently. We also want to make it as easy as possible for people to pay their taxes and as hard as possible for the minority who don’t.

Becoming a modern, digitally-advanced organisation

We are designing new systems, products and processes around our customers to make it as easy as possible for them to deal with us.

We are using digital services and smart data to help people deal with us effectively and efficiently, but also allows us to better identify the minority who seek to avoid or evade their taxes. Our IT infrastructure is one of the largest and most dynamic in Europe and we are now one of the most digitally-advanced tax authorities in the world.

Investing in our people

We have a clear ambition, we want you to have a great experience working at HMRC. We want you to feel valued and proud of the work you do. We’ll invest in you, providing opportunities to grow your career and develop new skills, unlocking your full talent and potential.

What we offer

When you join us, you’ll be part of a friendly and helpful community. We’ll give the support you need to grow in confidence along with the opportunity for a long, happy and rewarding career.

Your well-being and a good work-life balance is important to us. We want everyone to enjoy their time both inside and outside of work. To help achieve this we provide an extensive number of benefits, extras and memberships, including:

  • flexible working arrangements, including opportunities to work from home where the role and personal circumstances are suitable
  • generous annual leave package
  • competitive pension scheme
  • extensive talent, career and personal development programmes

But that’s not all. Take a look at Your little extras and big benefits and you may be surprised at what we have to offer.

Opportunities with us

We want you to feel comfortable being your true self when working for us and we pride ourselves in being a diverse and inclusive employer, providing opportunities regardless of your background. So, we are looking for people with all kinds of skills, experience and ambitions to join us.

As one of the country’s largest employers, we have people working across the UK in a wide variety of roles, including:

  • analysis
  • commercial
  • communications
  • digital, data, technology
  • finance
  • estates and property management
  • human resources
  • legal services
  • operational delivery
  • policy
  • project delivery

Joining us

To see the current jobs available with us, go to HM Revenue and Customs on Civil Service Jobs.

There are also opportunities to join us:

Communication with the public

If your role involves speaking to members of the public, you must be able to answer and give advice in accurate spoken English or, where applicable, Welsh. When there is an essential language requirement it will be tested as part of the selection process.


We welcome applications from eligible candidates of any age subject to school leaving age and young worker legislation.

You can apply if you have the right to live and work in the UK, and meet the Civil Service nationality rules. You will not be eligible if you’re in the UK on a student visa.

Please note: we don’t provide UK visa sponsorships for applicants.

You will be subject to UK immigration requirements as well as Civil Service nationality rules. If you’re applying for a role that requires security clearance and you have foreign or dual nationality, you may still be able to apply.

Some posts may have restrictions that could affect you if you don’t have sole British nationality or if you have personal connections with certain countries outside the UK.

Reasonable adjustments

Reasonable adjustments make sure anyone with a disability or condition can compete for our jobs on a level playing field by removing or reducing any disadvantage or barriers.

We are committed to considering all requests for reasonable adjustments for anyone protected under the Equality Act 2010.

If you need more information on the help and assistance we can provide during your application, please look at Disability matters: Your quick guide to support during our selection process (English and Welsh language versions are available).

So, if you’re applying, or thinking of applying for a job with us, and you need help or support, then please:

  • contact the Government Recruitment Service as soon as you can before the closing date to discuss your needs
  • complete the ‘Assistance required’ section in the ‘Additional requirements’ page of your application

Security checks

If you’re successful with your application, you’ll be required to complete a basic security check as a minimum and forms part of our pre-employment screening process (there may be some roles that require a higher level of security check and if this is necessary you will be advised in the advert).

You will also need a pass a disclosure and barring security check.

Please note: HMRC has an exemption under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, which enables us to make enquiries about both unspent and spent convictions.

Health declaration

Our aim is to create a working environment which is inclusive for everyone. We want you to feel confident that you can disclose information about any disabilities and requirements without fear of discrimination or harassment, and that we will take a constructive approach towards meeting your needs.

If you’re successful with your application and are issued an offer, we’ll ask you to complete a health questionnaire. This is so we can help you by considering any workplace adjustments you may need to assist with your day to day work.

Once you’ve completed the health declaration, we may need to seek advice from our Occupational Health supplier. This will help us to consider what adjustments can be made so you can carry out your work to the best of your ability.

Our regional centres

We’re changing our people’s working environment by using modern technology that allows for more flexible working styles. Our new regional centres are high-quality, state-of-the-art buildings that help people to collaborate and work flexibly.

They will have high-speed digital infrastructures and up-to-date learning and development facilities. Where it fits with your role, you’ll have the opportunity to work from home for two days per week, or more where the business agrees.

Our new regional centres are located centrally with good local amenities and public transport links in:

  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • Cardiff
  • Belfast
  • Newcastle
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Nottingham
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Croydon
  • Stratford

We also have some specialist sites which will take work that cannot be done anywhere else. These are in Gartcosh (near Glasgow), Telford, Ipswich, Worthing and Dover, and our headquarters in central London. People working for our Welsh language service are based in Porthmadog and Cardiff.

If you start with us in a location that is not a regional centre or specialist site, then you will move to one of those locations in the future.


To see our current vacancies, go to Civil Service Jobs.

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