Equality and diversity

A diverse, inclusive and vibrant organisation is one we should all strive to achieve. Diversity, in all its various forms, is central to our success as an organisation, ensuring a diversity of experience and thought.

Our efforts to become more inclusive and diverse are part and parcel of us achieving our wider transformation.

We need the widest possible view on talent, and we should be recruiting from all sections of society. We need to be open and honest with ourselves and with others about the obstacles that get in the way of that.

We need to support people from underrepresented backgrounds through every stage of the talent journey – making sure we create an inclusive culture and spot and develop internal talent just as we seek out external talent. It’s our responsibility to the people we serve to make sure we’re drawing on the widest possible range of views and experiences.

Diversity is a priority for our Executive Committee, and all our senior leaders have a particular role to play as vocal and visible advocates for a more diverse HMRC.

We want HMRC to be a diverse place to work, with a wide view on what talent looks like. We should be an organisation where people can have varied careers, where people are supported and invested in and where different views are respected.

Our diversity and inclusion strategy is a key part of building that organisation, and supports our overall mission and objectives as an organisation.

Diversity and inclusion strategy for the workplace

What is our strategy?

Our diversity and inclusion strategy sets out our diversity, equality and inclusion aims through to 2020, through a clear focus on 4 strategic themes:

  1. Representation
  2. Inclusion
  3. Capability
  4. Customer equality

It shows how we are responding to the Civil Service Talent Action Plan and our customer equality priorities.

It supports delivery of HMRC’s key objectives by highlighting the role diversity, equality and inclusion plays in what we do.

It recognises that our people have different skills; different ways of thinking and working; different knowledge and experience and the need for us to harness these differences for the benefit of our business and our customers.

This strategy is for all HMRC employees, at all levels, wherever they work and whatever they do.

Monitoring progress

Our central diversity and inclusion team will oversee implementation of our diversity and inclusion action plan and report on progress half-yearly to HMRC’s People Matters Committee via the Chief People Officer. These reports will be incorporated into annual reports on progress made against our strategic Equality Objectives for 2016 to 2020 within our publication of customer and workforce diversity information.