Research at DVSA

We carry out research with our customers and staff to find out how well our services work, so we can make improvements to provide the best service possible.

What we do

Our purpose at the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is to help you stay safe on Britain’s roads. Our aim is to improve road safety, user experience and value for money.

To design services that are easy to use and valued by the people who need them, we need to understand their circumstances, influences and expectations.

Research helps us understand what we need to do to design a good user experience, and whether the changes we make improve road safety.

Our current research

Changes to the driving test

We’re doing research about the changes to the car driving test that were made on 4 December 2017.

We want to find out how the changes have helped to improve road safety.

We’ll be doing separate research with approved driving instructors and driving examiners about the changes.

Our publications

We publish our research and analysis publications after we’ve completed a piece of research.

We publish statistics about driving tests, instructors and data about testing commercial and private vehicles in Great Britain.

The Department for Transport publishes road accident and safety statistics.

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