Equality and diversity

As a public body, we publish regular information about what our equality, diversity and inclusion objectives are and how we're meeting them.

Valuing diversity

We consider equality, diversity and inclusion in everything we do.

We’re an organisation with fairness at its core, where all staff and their diversity are valued.

We want to become truly representative of the public we serve.

We will:

  • remove any barriers to progression faced by some because of their personal characteristics (‘protected characteristics’)
  • strive to become an employer of choice for all

By making sure our workforce reflects the wider population, we’re better able to make sure our policies meet the needs of our diverse customer base.

Working with our staff

We have 5 staff network groups made up of employees who understand issues that staff with certain characteristics face.

The groups represent:

  • carers
  • black and minority ethnic colleagues
  • colleagues with a disability
  • women
  • lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender colleagues

Equality, diversity and inclusion action plan

To make sure that we become truly representative of the public we serve and to continue to be an organisation which all staff and their diversity are valued we have an inclusion action plan.

The summary of the action plan is split into 3 areas:

  • leadership and responsibility
  • inclusive behaviours and capabilities
  • career progression and development

Leadership and responsibility

We will:

  • bring a new agreement for how our staff network groups are used and supported into action
  • develop the skills of line managers to deal with equality and diversity matters
  • improve our reporting so we have better information about equality and diversity
  • train the staff network group members so that they can deal with equality, diversity and inclusion matters

Inclusive behaviours and capabilities

We will:

  • gain an understanding of what unacceptable behaviour exists and how to tackle it
  • work with our staff network groups to showcase and celebrate our success stories
  • make sure our staff can be themselves at work
  • build inclusive teams

Career progression and development

We will:

  • understand blockers to recruitment and progression in under-represented groups
  • build our reputation as a more inclusive employer
  • continue to improve our use of the performance management information system to focus on increasing awareness of ‘unconscious bias’
  • make sure underrepresented groups are clearly communicated with on development opportunities
  • make sure diversity and inclusion are core parts of developing all our staff

Reports about equality

Each year we publish:

  • reports showing how we’re meeting our equality responsibilities
  • as part of the Department for Transport an analysis of equalities in employment