Procurement at DIT

Details of DIT purchasing arrangements and information for those looking to become a supplier or contractor.


Our procurement objectives are:

  • getting maximum value for money in contracting for the goods and services that enable the department to deliver its business objectives
  • enhancing the competitiveness of the supply base
  • ‘value for money’ meaning the optimal combination of costs, service delivery and quality

Contract opportunities

If you’re interested in supplying Department for International Trade (DIT) with goods or services, you can find opportunities through:

Find out more about selling goods or services to the public sector.

Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Read our SME action plan to find out how DIT is improving opportunities for SMEs) to supply to the department.

View our commercial pipeline for an overview of DIT’s potential commercial activity.

For bidding for government contracts, check SMEs: a guide to working with government.

Public Procurement Review Service (PPRS)

The PPRS can support concerns raised by SMEs about public procurement practice.

Find contact details and information about the scope and remit of PPRS.