About us

We are an independent panel commissioning reviews of serious child safeguarding cases. We want national and local reviews to focus on improving learning, professional practice and outcomes for children.

What we do

The panel meets regularly to decide whether to commission national reviews of child safeguarding cases that are notified to it. The panel’s decisions are based on the possibility of identifying improvements from cases which it views as complex or of national importance.

Local authorities should notify the national review panel:

  • if a child dies or is seriously harmed and abuse or neglect is known or suspected:
    • in their area
    • outside of England, but they’re normally resident in their area
  • to report the death of children looked after by a local authority whether or not abuse or neglect is known or suspected

Following changes to safeguarding legislation, local authorities are transitioning from a system of local safeguarding children boards (LSCBs) to safeguarding partnership arrangements.

During the transitional period between June 2018 and September 2019, while local areas are developing their new safeguarding partnerships, the panel will also advise LSCBs about:

  • whether the criteria for a serious case review (SCR) are met
  • the proposed approach to publishing SCRs and to the sharing of learning

Our responsibilities

The Children and Social Work Act 2017 provided for the creation of the independent Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel.

The panel is responsible for:

  • supervising reviews they commission
  • ensuring they are of a satisfactory quality
  • ensuring reports are completed in a suitable timeframe
  • identifying improvements that should be made by safeguarding partners

The panel:

  • has its own statutory powers
  • is independent of government
  • can make its own decisions

The statutory guidance on ‘Working together to safeguard children’ sets out how the panel operates and works with safeguarding partnerships.

The Department for Education provides administrative support for the panel.

Who we are

The panel are:

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