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The Certification Officer is responsible for statutory functions relating to trade unions and employers’ associations.

Who we are

The Certification Officer (CO) is supported by 7 staff in London and a part-time Assistant Certification Officer (Scotland) in Edinburgh.

Our responsibilities

The Certification Officer’s responsibilities are to:

  • maintain a list of trade unions and employers’ associations
  • ensure compliance with statutory requirements for annual returns from trade unions and employers’ associations, and keeping them available for public inspection
  • determine complaints concerning trade union elections, certain other ballots and certain breaches of trade union rules
  • ensuring observance of statutory requirements governing mergers between trade unions and between employers’ associations
  • oversee the political funds and the finances of trade unions and employers’ associations
  • certify the independence of trade unions
  • act as the ‘prescribed person’ under the Public Interest Disclosure Regulations 1999, so that workers or employees of trade unions and employers associations are protected if they report fraud or financial irregularities (whistleblowing) to the CO (Whistleblowing: list of prescribed people and bodies)

Our decisions

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Our priorities

The Certification Officer’s priorities are to:

  • ensure all its functions are carried out as efficiently, as economically, as fairly and as far as possible in accordance with the Government’s administrative strategy
  • work with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to ensure that the new obligations on trade unions and powers for the CO contained in the Lobbying Act 2014 are brought in effectively in 2016

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