About us

The Academy for Social Justice Commissioning identifies, supports and promotes excellence in social justice commissioning.

We now have over 3500 members from the public, private, academic and voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors.

Who we are

Our Peterborough-based business manager Janet Cullinan is the only member of staff. Our business objectives are set by the academy strategy group.

Key Objectives

  1. To support the development of social justice commissioning we will refresh our services to offer a stronger focus on learning about all aspects of commissioning and a variety of learning opportunities to provoke thought and stimulate discussion
  2. To utilise the expertise within the Academy membership to offer members practical advice, best practice and case studies
  3. To be a key influencer and supporter of social justice commissioning capability development and to facilitate practical training to enable this
  4. To increase understanding of the value of excellence in commissioning
  5. To expand the Academy’s reach to new audiences and regions

These objectives will be met using the donated time of experts who will work collaboratively with the Academy’s business manager. This strategy ensures we continue to deliver excellent value for money.