Our governance

The academy strategy group provides business oversight and the operational management functions of the Academy for Social Justice Commissioning.

Terms of reference

The strategy group provide the business oversight and operational management functions of the Academy for Social Justice Commissioning.

  1. To plan, implement and manage objectives as identified in the annual business plan.
  2. To specify, oversee and co-ordinate the outputs of the core work groups - strategy and communications, membership service and learning and development - and provide appropriate authority where required.
  3. To ensure appropriate financial management and control.
  4. To ensure appropriate engagement with stakeholders within the social justice sector and maintain links with other relevant government departments, private and 3rd sector, academics and organisations as identified/necessary.
  5. To review and revise the structure of the academy to meet the identified objectives.
  6. To ensure that the academy’s principles and ethics, as laid out in the academy’s charter, are applied throughout the structure and services supplied to members.

Academy executive group membership

A chair and 2 vice chairs will be elected by the members of the strategy group and the tenure will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Members of the strategy group are co-opted by invitation.

Current executive group membership

Simon Marshall, Health and Well-being and Substance Misuse Co-commissioning, NOMS (Chair)

Martin Blake, MTCnovo (Vice Chair)

Patsy Northern, Business Reform, Department of Health (Vice Chair)

Janet Cullinan, Academy for Social Justice Commissioning

Christopher D’Souza, Lambeth Borough of London (London Academy Ambassador)

Anne Fox, Clinks

Sally Lewis, Safeguarding and Crinimal Justice professional (South West Academy Ambassador)

Caroline Marsh, Caroline Marsh Management Solutions (North West, Academy Ambassador)

Jonathan Martin, Ministry of Justice (Leeds Academy Ambassador)

Personal Information Charter

We are governed by the Ministry of Justice. Please see our personal information charter for detailsand how to request your data under the Data Protection Act