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Woman who tried to pervert course of justice has sentence increased

Catherine Coslett has sentence increased after the Solicitor General referred it as too low

Solicitor Genera;
Solicitor General

A woman who conspired to pervert the course of justice has had her sentence increased today by the Court of Appeal after the Solicitor General referred it as too low.

Catherine Coslett was originally sentenced at Newport Crown Court to eighteen months’ imprisonment suspended for two years. She was found guilty of disposing of evidence and putting pressure on witnesses to retract their statements in the case of a man murdered by her son, Richard Wallis.

Catherine Coslett conspired with her son and his daughter to wash and dispose of the clothing that he was wearing when he killed Jan Jedrzejewski. They also put pressure on three witnesses to retract the accounts they gave to the police that incriminated Coslett’s son in the crime.

Following the Court of Appeal hearing, Coslett’s sentence was increased to two years’ immediate imprisonment. Commenting on the increased sentence, the Solicitor General said:

“I welcome the Court of Appeal’s decision to increase Catherine Coslett’s sentence. The murder of Jan Jedrzejewski was a despicable crime and Catherine Coslett’s actions to cover it up were disturbing. My thoughts are with the family of Mr Jedrzejewski. I hope they can take some comfort from the increased sentence today.”

Published 6 December 2017