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Witnessing of deeds from 18 January

Reminder of our practice on attestation process where there are multiple signatures.


Late last year we clarified our practice on the attestation of multiple signatures to deeds.

We updated section 2.1.2 of Practice Guide 8 – Execution of deeds to remind customers that where two or more people are executing a deed as a party, the same witness may witness each individual signature but each signature should be separately attested.

This means we will raise a requisition where a deed has only a single attestation and it is not clear that it is for all the signatures.

To give customers a chance to take our clarification into account we decided not to raise requisitions for any deeds completed before Monday 18 January.

Any deeds completed from 18 January must be correctly attested – or the applicant can expect to receive a requisition from us.

Published 14 January 2016