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Willcain Solution for Injection - Product defect recall alert

Product defect recall alert for Willcain Solution for Injection (Vm 10434/4046) by Dechra Ltd


The following batches of Willcain Solution for Injection (Vm 10434/4046) have been recalled due to low active substance assay results during long term stability trial.

Batch Expiry Date
92927 April 2020
94340 April 2020
94341 April 2020
106023 Jan 2021
106024 Feb 2021
106025 Feb 2021

Dechra Ltd is contacting wholesalers and vets to examine inventory immediately and quarantine products subject to this recall.

For further information regarding the recall, please contact Dechra Veterinary Products Ltd, email: Tel : 01939 211 200

Published 20 July 2018