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We're changing the way we confirm applications

Customers will receive fewer documents when we confirm their application by post.

To help customers process their work and save time, we have reduced the amount of documents we send to confirm their application.

Customers who receive postal confirmation that their application has been completed will now receive a single Register Completion Sheet. This will contain important information that used to be on the Title Information Document. The Title Information Document duplicated much of the information in the Register Completion Sheet and contained information that is no longer relevant.

We will send a bilingual Register Completion Sheet when we complete any application against a Welsh title.

In a recent survey, nearly half of the customers who use our online services said they favoured receiving all our despatch documents as one PDF.

We are about to start testing an option which allows customers who use our online services to choose whether they receive separate completion documents, or whether they receive a single combined PDF.

Published 28 November 2016