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Welcome to BurEUcratia: Labyrinth of EU excessive regulation in Bucharest

The British Embassy has launched today BurEUcratia, a 3D maze to promote EU Better Regulation. The installation will be open to the public until mid December.

Image of BurEUcratia Labyrinth

The imaginary city, hosted in downtown Bucharest by Romania’s leading business school ASE, illustrates the superfluous world of EU regulation and the impact of excessive red tape on companies, especially on SMEs. The project translates in a number of case studies information from UK’s ‘Cut EU red tape’ report on reducing EU regulation.

Useful information

The maze can be visited daily between 04 – 15 December (10 am to 06 pm), at Academia de Studii Economice (ASE), Ion. N. Angelescu building, 6 Piata Romana, floor 1, ASE Central Library area. Once out of the labyrinth, visitors can enter a facebook contest with prizes. More information is available on site.

Published 4 December 2015