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Vertu Corporation Ltd: information for employees and creditors

The luxury smartphone manufacturer Vertu Corporation Ltd (company registration number 07753443) has been wound up in the High Court. Adam Harris and Kevin Goldfarb of Griffins have been appointed as joint liquidators.


Information for employees

If you were an employee of Vertu Corporation Limited you may be entitled to unpaid wages or holiday pay and redundancy pay and compensation in lieu of notice.

All claims must be made online. The liquidator will provide you with the information you need to make your online claim.

If you are having difficulty making a claim or have any questions about the claim process you can contact Redundancy Payments Enquiry Line:

Redundancy Payments

Office currently closed during the coronavirus pandemic.
Please contact by email only.

Contact about claims for redundancy, loss of notice pay, holiday pay, arrears of wages, protective award payments and lost pension contributions.

Online Claims Service:

All enquiries should be sent to the liquidator.

If you were self-employed and provided services to Vertu Corporation Limited you are not entitled to a redundancy payment. You will be a creditor in the liquidation.

Information for creditors

If you have supplied goods or services to Vertu Corporation Limited for which you have not been paid you will be a creditor in the liquidation.

To make a claim for the money you are owed email the liquidator providing your company details and the amount you are owed. Please put ‘CREDITOR‘’ in the subject line of your email.

Information for suppliers

Any purchase orders issued by the company before the winding up order should be considered cancelled with immediate effect. Any monies owing in relation to previous orders will rank as an unsecured claim in the liquidation. Please do not supply any goods ordered prior to the winding up order without the authorisation of the liquidator or one of his authorised representatives.

Goods and services supplied during the period of the liquidation will be paid for out of the assets coming into the hands of the liquidator provided that the order is in writing and signed by one of the authorised representatives. The liquidator is currently reviewing purchase orders issued by the company before his appointment and is in the process of contacting relevant suppliers about those orders and providing them with details of the authorised representatives.

Published 12 July 2017