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Universal Periodic Review 32: Viet Nam

The UK recognises Viet Nam’s commitment to ending human trafficking, and recommends further criminalisation in accordance with international standards.

Flags and Chair UN Geneva

Thank you Mr President,

The UK recognises Viet Nam’s commitment to ending human trafficking and we encourage accepting a visit from the Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Slavery.

We are concerned by media freedom restrictions and that those peacefully exercising their constitutional rights are subjected to force, harassment and detention. We urge consideration of a death penalty moratorium.

We recommend:

1) Improving protection of the rights to peaceful assembly and expression by reviewing existing legislation, and publishing and implementing clear, transparent guidelines on security personnel conduct in managing peaceful demonstrations.

2) Drawing up and publishing a national plan of action, implementing recommendations from the Committee against Torture in 2018.

3) Ensuring all forms of trafficking in persons are criminalised according to international standards, including a legal amendment to define children as persons under 18.

Thank you Mr President.

Published 22 January 2019