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Universal Periodic Review 31: Monaco

The UK welcomed Monaco's commitment to human rights, but encouraged Monaco to endorse the UK's Call to Action on Modern Slavery and further combat discrimination against women.

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Thank you, Mr. Vice President,

The United Kingdom welcomes Monaco’s commitment to human rights protection, and its long standing protection for religious freedom within the Principality.

We note, however, that Monaco has not endorsed the UK’s Call to Action on Modern Slavery and encourage Monaco to consider doing so. We also note that women continue to be disadvantaged in some areas, including the prohibition for women to remarry within 310 days of dissolution of a previous marriage, and different treatment under retirement rules and regulations.

We recommend:

  1. Conduct an official study of the possible link between prostitution and trafficking in persons for sexual exploitation in Monaco.

  2. Adopt an open, merit-based process when selecting national candidates for UN Treaty Body elections.

  3. Establish a national action plan to prevent and combat violence against women.

Thank you, Mr. Vice President.

Published 12 November 2018