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UK shares Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) expertise with Paraguay

Head of Infrastructure UK Javier Encinas gave various presentations on the implementation of PPPs in a conference held on 2-4 February.

Javier Encincas en charla con los funcionarios del Gobierno (credit: La Nacion)

Javier Encincas en charla con los funcionarios del Gobierno (credit: La Nacion)

The Conference was directed at 16 public institutions taking place in the PPP process such as the Ministries of Finance, Education, Public Works, Health, Tourism, Work, Foreign Affairs, Presidency of the Republic, National Water Board, Information and Communications Secretariat, National Civil Aeronautics, and the Attorney General’s office.

The participants were trained to strengthen their capacities in areas related to Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) through the British government’s experience in using this modality to develop infrastructure projects and provide public services. This model is the result of a long process begun by the State and includes an intensive programme for building the capacities of civil servants of different sectors and levels of the government. It also actively involved the participation of society in all stages of the PPP process, applying communication strategies and mechanisms for transparency.

Due to lessons learned in recent decades, the British model has detailed manuals, guidelines and protocols for conducting the various activities involved in the APP process. Even though the realities are very different between countries, these standards may be applicable to Paraguay through a process of adaptation by the entities involved, regarding the particularities of each project and company.

On the other hand, the importance of strategic planning by the State was emphasised, as the main shaft in promoting policies of private investment is to establish the needs and priorities of investments. Finally, it stressed the need for proper communication between all actors involved in the PPP process to ensure its success.

Published 9 February 2016