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UK recognises Juan Guaido as interim President of Venezuela

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt gave a statement on the UK recognising Juan Guaido as the constitutional interim President of Venezuela.

The Foreign Secretary

On 26 January, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt made clear that unless Nicolas Maduro called presidential elections within 8 days, the United Kingdom would recognise National Assembly President, Juan Guaido, as the interim President of Venezuela, in line with the Venezuelan constitution. Mr Maduro has ignored this call.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said:

“The United Kingdom now recognises Juan Guaido as the constitutional interim President of Venezuela, until credible presidential elections can be held.

“The people of Venezuela have suffered enough. It is time for a new start, with free and fair elections in accordance with international democratic standards.

“The oppression of the illegitimate, kleptocratic Maduro regime must end. Those who continue to violate the human rights of ordinary Venezuelans under an illegitimate regime will be called to account. The Venezuelan people deserve a better future.”

The UK takes this position alongside the Organisation of American States, the Lima Group, the United States and European partners. As the EU made clear in its statement of 26 January and in Bucharest on 31 January, the window for dialogue remains open.

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Published 4 February 2019
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