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UK Government £50k funding boost for Edinburgh Culture Summit

The UK Government is to boost this year’s Edinburgh International Culture Summit with a £50,000 contribution.


The move was announced today by UK Government Minister Andrew Dunlop, who said:

The Edinburgh International Culture Summit is a key global arts forum. Alongside the Edinburgh International Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe, it puts Scotland on the map, highlighting the important role culture plays in our international relations and economic prosperity.

I am very pleased that the UK Government is able to support this year’s Culture Summit with a £50,000 investment, working together with the Scottish Government and other partners. I very much look forward to being part of the summit in August, engaging with an international audience and highlighting Scotland’s and the UK’s strong cultural offer.

Sir Jonathan Mills, Director of the Edinburgh International Culture Summit Foundation said:

For the best part of the last 70 years, Edinburgh in August has been a collection of cultures from around the world. This financial support from the UK Government, alongside the Scottish Government, British Council, Scottish Parliament and Edinburgh International Festival, will enable the excellent work the Edinburgh festivals and summit do in demonstrating the importance of soft power and the UK’s lead in this area.

The UK Government will be represented at this year’s event by Matt Hancock, Minister of State for Digital and Culture, and Andrew Dunlop, Minister at the Scotland Office.

The UK Government provides diplomatic support in the arrangements for the summit through the Foreign Office’s diplomatic posts abroad.

The Edinburgh International Culture Summit brings together culture ministers, artists and arts leaders from around the world to share ideas, expertise and best practice. The biennial event is a partnership between the Scottish Government, UK Government, British Council, Edinburgh International Festival and Scottish Parliament. It was first held in 2012, and the third Summit will run from 24 to 26 August 2016, with the theme of ‘building resilient communities’. It will also include a youth forum.

Published 26 July 2016