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His Excellency the Governor, Peter Beckingham, chaired the 24th meeting of the Cabinet on Wednesday, 14 September 2016, at the Attorney General’s Chambers on Grand Turk.

TCI Cabinet Meeting

All Ministers were present except the Hon. Minister of Border Control and Employment and the Hon. Minister of Tourism, Environment, Heritage and Culture.

At this meeting Cabinet:

  • Received a presentation by the Superintendent of HM Prison on conditions at the prison and agreed to set up a working group to address the challenges at the prison;

  • Received a presentation by the Director of Disaster Management on the 2016 hurricane season state of readiness as we approach the peak of the season;

  • Received a presentation by the Supervisor of Elections on proposed changes to the ballot form for the next TCI election following consultation by the Elections Department with the TCI political parties and independent candidates. Cabinet agreed proposed changes to the form and for the Attorney General’s Chambers to draft the necessary amendments to the Elections Ordinance accordingly for forwarding to the House of Assembly for approval;

  • Advised His Excellency the Governor to approve the grant of a licence to Sundance TCI Limited to erect a swim deck protruding from their residential parcel (Parcel 60612/130 situated at Norway and Five Cays, Providenciales) into the adjoining sea; and to instruct the Crown Land Unit to conduct an exercise to ensure that residents operating similar decks over the seabed within the jurisdiction of the Crown comply with the laws and regulations governing the use of crown land;

  • Advised His Excellency the Governor to approve the mutation of crown land parcels 606909/120 at Norway and Five Cays, Providenciales, to rectify the encroachment of parcels 60609/10, 12, 22, 23, 24 and 25 in order to meet the requirements of the Planning Ordinance; and to approve the sale of the mutated parcels to Scotia Bank (Turks and Caicos) Limited, the registered owner of Parcels 606909/10, 12, 22, 23, 24 and 25;

  • Approved the grant of a 25 year lease to the Turks and Caicos Drug Prevention Foundation Inc. over Parcel 60603/051 situated at Norway and Five Cays, Providenciales, for the development of a halfway house, subject to conditions related to the timeline for completion and commencement of the operation and to restrictions entered in the land register on stated future use of the parcel;

  • Approved in principle, subject to confirmation that funds are available in the Ministry of Health’s budget, the following contract variation change enquiries in the contract agreement between InterHealth Canada and TCIG – Change Enquiry No.30 (management and development of blood banking services); Change Enquiry No. 31 (implementation of tele-radiology services); Change Enquiry No.32 (procurement of hysteroscopy equipment to improve obstetrics and gynaecology services); Change Enquiry No.33 (expansion and improvement of dialysis services); Change Enquiry No.38 (procurement of polymerase chain reactor machine and associated equipment for human pathogen detection);

  • Approved the National Pharmaceutical Policy following stakeholder consultations by the Ministry of Health, Agriculture and Human Services;

  • Approved a legislative review and amendment of TCIG’s policies to eliminate discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS;

  • Approved the following appointments to the Electricity Board:

  • Mr Eldon Franklyn Talbot (Member)
  • Ms Irene Glinton (Secretary)

  • Approved a handover agreement between TCIG and the Provo Water Company (PWC) for PWC to assume ownership and sole responsibility of the city water pipelines for the proposed Shore Club/Long Bay subdivision water project;

  • Authorised the Telecommunications Commission to oversee the tender process for the management of the “.tc Top Level Domain”;

  • Approved the Supplementary Appropriation Bill No.3 in accordance with Section 116 of the Constitution for forwarding to the House of Assembly for approval;

  • Approved the signing of the lease proposed by the TCI Education Foundation governing access to and use of the National Stadium;

  • Approved the appointments of Ms Charmaine Clarke and Mr Alexander Grant to the North Caicos District Board.

Further information on these matters will be provided by Ministers in due course.

Published 15 September 2016