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His Excellency the Governor, Peter Beckingham, chaired the 4th meeting of the Cabinet on Thursday, 4 February 2016, at the Hon. Hilly Ewing Building on Providenciales.

TCI Cabinet Meeting

All Ministers were present.

At this meeting Cabinet:

  • Approved the appointment of Mr Devon Williams as Chairman of the TCI Ports Authority Board with effect from 1 March 2016 for a period of 3 years;

  • Advised His Excellency the Governor to place a moratorium on grants of new business licences to operate in the areas of private investigation and security guards and security services until the Government has reviewed the Private Investigators and Security Guards Ordinance 2009 and an appropriate regulatory regime is brought into force;

  • Approved an increase in the taxi quota from 175 to 195 and in the number of VIP vehicles by 5 on Providenciales and directed the Ministry of Home Affairs, Transportation and Communication to produce a draft national transportation strategy;

  • Approved a prevention and control strategy developed by the Ministry of Health, Agriculture and Human Services to enhance contingency planning to address and combat the spread of the Zika Virus in the event of the virus reaching TCI and agreed to provide $291,000 from contingency funds to enable the Ministry to implement measures set out in the strategy;

  • Endorsed changes that were appended to the draft 2016/17 Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure following the Cabinet meeting of 28 January 2016 for forwarding to the UK Government for approval;

  • Agreed a timetable for the passage of the 2016/17 Budget Estimates and Supplementary Appropriations Bill through the House of Assembly;

  • Agreed amendments to the organisation chart of the Invest Turks and Caicos Agency to include a new position of Director of Small and Medium Enterprises to enable implementation of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Ordinance 2015;

  • Agreed to a request by Logwood Development Co. Ltd to release a portion of the funds held in escrow by Bordier Bank in relation to the company’s involvement in the West Caicos Resort;

  • Received the report on the recently concluded public consultation on building height and density and requested a presentation from the Planning Department on its recommendations and findings at its next meeting.

Further information on these matters will be provided by Ministers in due course.

Published 8 February 2016