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The UK and Honduras share their experience to improve procurement processes

International experts shared the latest advances in international practices to improve the management of public procurement in Honduras.


Experts from the International Governance and Risk Institute (GovRisk) undertook a series of training sessions to explore possible improvements to public procurement processes in Honduras, in order to increase their efficiency and transparency.

This programme represents the first stage of a joint initiative between the British Embassy, GovRisk, and the National Office of Contracting and Procurement of the State of Honduras (ONCAE). It aims to boost the efforts of authorities in the country to adopt international best practices in public procurement.

As part of the project, approximately 100 people including ministers, senior officials and journalists received training. According to Mark Willcock, GovRisk Project Manager, said:

the assistance provided will address the best practices developed by other countries related to transparency, efficiency, competition and value for money - as well as the challenges and opportunities for their implementation in Honduras.

The workshops were led by GovRisk expert, Jorge Claro, former Head of the Procurement Policy and Coordination Office of the Inter-American Development Bank. Mr. Claro is a Commercial Engineer with more than forty years of experience working with international organisations formulating, managing, evaluating and auditing projects in the area of public procurement, state finance and budgeting.

ONCAE Director, Veronica Iveth Bueso Leiva said:

we are extremely pleased to collaborate with GovRisk and the British Embassy to help address the needs of the country. This programme will provide a momentum that will be of vital importance in our own national development efforts.

This initiative is funded by the British Embassy, and Carolyn Davidson, British Ambassador to Honduras stated:

I am pleased that the British Government is supporting this technical assistance programme; transparency in public procurement is of vital importance as it prevents corruption. The United Kingdom considers that bringing together public suppliers, procurement officials and the media to discuss the challenges they face in this area will be a key step in reducing corruption and achieving sustainable growth.

Published 14 March 2017