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The rector of ORT University talked about new challenges in education and the labour market

Chevening Alumni and GBUA organised the first of their various activities at the British Residence this year.


Dr. Jorge Grünberg, rector of ORT University, gave a lecture at the British Residence on “Knowledge and Work in the Knowledge Society”, organized by GBUA, the association that brings together the Uruguayan graduates of British universities and Chevening Alumni.

In his presentation, transmitted by webcast and Periscope, Grünberg, who holds a Ph.D. from the University of Oxford, explained recent changes in the labour market , based on both his own research and that of other experts in the area. He offered an analysis of the current global economic reality, its three pillars: automation, globalisation and digitisation, and their influence on the educational landscape and labour market.

He also shared some tips for new Chevening scholars who travel to the UK next month to begin their Masters courses, based on his experience as a student at Oxford.

This conference was the first of a series that the GBUA and Chevening Alumni will be organising on various topics such as education, sport, economy and the future. Also, the activities will continue to be transmitted via webcast and Periscope so as to allow other GBUA members and Chevening Alumni that are living abroad or outside Montevideo to participate.

The video of the lecture is available here

Published 20 August 2015
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