Press release

The government and The National Archives prepare for EU exit

A Written Ministerial Statement has been made to allow members of the public to view all EU legislation relevant to the UK exiting the EU.

Minister James Cleverly has signed papers which will enable The National Archives to launch two new services to aid legal certainty once we leave the EU and to ensure legislation is accessible to the public.

The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 required The National Archives to make all EU legislation relevant to our exit available online. The National Archives have now produced two services to host this crucial information. The first is a comprehensive archive of EU law which will be captured through to exit day, allowing members of the public to search for EU legislation, treaties, international agreements and case law.

The second strand of work is the addition of EU legislation to, all pieces of EU law were uploaded to the website including a timeline of the changes so far. The service makes it easy for people to find out how EU legislation is being changed by the UK.

Minister James Cleverly said:

The government is making sure that the UK is ready to leave the EU in good order. That’s exactly what The National Archives is doing with this monumental piece of work.

This resource provides an invaluable legal reference which gives certainty, and clarity to the public, and especially to businesses who are making preparations for Brexit.

Jeff James, Chief Executive, Keeper of Public Records and Queen’s Printer, The National Archives said:

Our aim is to ensure we have both a comprehensive, permanent record of the law at EU exit, and, with to provide an ongoing service now and for the future. As legislation changes over time, offers great value, aiding legal certainty for all those who are seeking to understand what the law is and will be post exit.

All of the secondary legislation can be found here

Published 3 July 2019