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The Environment Agency joins GOV.UK

On 1 April the Environment Agency's revised web content went live on GOV.UK.

Environment Agency staff talking outside by an Environment Agency vehicle.

Find the Environment Agency on GOV.UK

The Environment Agency’s (EA) new web address is You can now take a look and use the search function to find Environment Agency content on flood, waste, or something else.

Closing the EA website

The Environment Agency website closed on 8 April 2014.

You don’t need to do anything or worry about information being lost

Bookmarks and saved links to the Environment Agency’s website will still take you to the information you need. You’ll automatically be redirected to relevant content on GOV.UK or to The National Archives, where a copy of the website has been saved.

The move to GOV.UK won’t affect existing online services

You’ll still be able to access important services, like flood warnings, electronic public register and what’s in your backyard, using the same web links you currently use or you’ll find links to them on GOV.UK.

Contacting us

Environment Agency email addresses and telephone numbers won’t change either. You can contact the Environment Agency if you have urgent questions about the website and when you visit GOV.UK you can use the links at the bottom of most pages to give feedback on the content.

Published 8 April 2014