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The English Conversation and Public Speaking Club in Montenegro

Lesson sharing and networking between the Montenegrin English teachers.


The aim of the English Conversation and Public Speaking Club was to facilitate knowledge exchange and networking of Montenegrin English teachers and improve effective speaking techniques, skills and fluency in English in a friendly and supportive learning environment. The Club helped senior students and professionals in the field of education share ideas on various topics, expand their knowledge of British culture and traditions and improve language and communication skills. The Club promoted the importance of continuing professional learning and development among educators throughout Montenegro.

The Club offered 20 workshops. The topics included prejudices, mass media, conflicts and resolutions, Montenegro and European Union, democracy and human rights, festivals in the United Kingdom and Montenegro. The Club’s meetings were moderated by Natalija Savićević and Tanja Đonlaga, who engaged participants through various activities and games, role plays, debates, discussions, PowerPoint presentations and quizzes. The Club was attended by English teachers working at primary schools, teachers of other subjects (Italian, History, Civic Education, Exploration of Humanitarian Law, Music, Tourism), vocational high school teachers, university teachers and senior students of Niksic University.

The participants are highly satisfied with the quality of the events held and their learning outcomes. They are willing to continue their learning with the Club, recommend it to their peers and cascade their knowledge within their schools.

Published 24 March 2016