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The British Embassy salutes Guayaquil in its festivities

The British Embassy joins Guayaquil’s celebrations on its 481 years since their foundation process.


These “July Festivities” are a great chance to highlight the old and close friendship ties between the UK and Ecuador which date back to 1825 with Henry Wood as the first British representative to Guayaquil. After its independence, the diplomatic relations between Ecuador and the UK strengthened, and in 1832 Walter Cope was appointed as the first British Consul to the now independent Republic of Ecuador. Cope’s influence in the diplomatic relations of both countries is vast, as it extended for the first 30 years of Ecuador’s republican life, beginning with the first president Juan José Flores (1830 – 1834). These are all major facts to celebrate a close and mutual friendly relationship.

Currently, the British Consulate in Guayaquil is led by Honorary Consul, Colin Armstrong and Vice-Honoray Consul, Rocío Torres. Similarly, the British Embassy has a Commercial Office led by Cristina Moreno, who gives support to the very active British-Ecuadorean Chamber of Industries and Commerce, led by Nicholas Armstrong.

With all this in mind, we just want to say VIVA GUAYAQUIL!

Published 25 July 2016