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Students at Exeter College produce a cutting edge film for Ofsted

Commissioned by Ofsted, students at Exeter College have produced a film to promote Ofsted’s new online tool – Employer View.

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The promotional film allowed students to work with Ofsted and gain real-life industry experience and insight on video production. The short film explains to viewers how employers can rate and give their views on providers that train their employees, including apprentices and those that are working for them through work experience or work placements.

The video also shows how the online tool enables employers to see feedback from other employers on different providers. This will help them to make informed choices about which education and training provider will best suit their needs.

Praising the work of students from Exeter College, National Director for Further Education and Skills, Lorna Fitzjohn said:

The film is an excellent piece of work. I am very impressed with the professional quality of the video. It is well executed and captures how easy it is to use Employer View to give and view feedback about further education and skill providers across England.

I hope people will take the time to view the video and urge employers to give their feedback on Employer View. The online tool will inform inspectors’ understanding of the effectiveness of provision, increase employers’ engagement in education and training, and help them and employees to choose the provider that is right for them.

Commenting on working with Ofsted to produce the video, Joe Westcott, 2nd year student studying Level 3 BTEC in Creative Media Production said:

Working with Ofsted for a real-world production gives me a great insight of the pipeline of video production.

Together with Ofsted we were able to deliver a promotional video in a small team, helping me to develop the skills necessary for real world production in the industry.

I found working with Ofsted fun and inspiring, something with a rewarding end goal to include in my experience with real-world industry work.

Haydon Beagley, 1st year student studying a Foundation Degree in Animation in Television Production added:

Having the opportunity to create a film for a client like Ofsted has been a truly exciting opportunity. Making a film for an actual client puts the skills that I have learnt in the classroom to work in a real filming situation.

I would highly recommend this to any student who has an interest in filming or wants to know what is expected and what’s demanded from a film like this and working from start to finish from initial ideas to a final product.

The video clip can be viewed on YouTube

To register your views and to see information on providers, please visit

Notes to editors

Employer View uses the same model as Learner View, launched in September 2012, which allows learners to register their views on the provision of their further education and skills provider. Employer View will compliment this existing tool, enabling employers to register their views independently of the provider they use. It will enable anyone who accesses the site to see what employers think of any provider in England inspected by Ofsted. Each response registered on Employer View will be completely confidential. Ofsted will not reveal any details of those who register their views to providers. Safeguards are also in place to guard against abuse of the site.

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Published 22 May 2014