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Strong interest for CCS competition

16 May 2012 The Government has today published a list of companies that have signalled their intention to apply to the new UK CCS competition…

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government

16 May 2012

The Government has today published a list of companies that have signalled their intention to apply to the new UK CCS competition.

Publication of the list is aimed at encouraging further discussion within the CCS industry to support collaboration between companies and any interested suppliers.

This forms part of the new concerted approach the competition is taking to help stimulate the early development of the supply chain for CCS.

A Department of Energy and Climate Change spokesman said:

“This high level of interest proves that the UK is back on track with CCS. From the outset, we are working through collaboration with industry to ensure we make CCS a reality and importantly create the maximum return for what is one of the best offers anywhere in the world.”

The list covers companies that have indicated that they will lead a bid and not all companies that may be involved in that bid. It is not a list of applicants - the closing date for bids remains 3 July and we don’t expect all parties who have expressed an interest to apply. Over the coming weeks DECC will continue to hold meetings with potential bidders to ensure that Government and Industry continue to work together and bidders can submit their best bids possible.

DECC will also be making bidder documentation available in the coming weeks.

Consortium lead bidder / registered bidder

Air Liquide Progressive Energy


Portland Gas Storage

Centrica (Hydocarbon Resources Ltd.) SEQ

Costain Energy & Process Shell

CO2 Deepstore SSE

Doosan Power Projects SSI

National Grid Summit Power

Peel Energy 2Co

Notes for Editors

  1. The CCS Commercialisation Programme will, subject to State Aid clearance, support commercial scale CCS with the £1bn in capital funding that we have made available. Further details and a description of the CCS Commercialisation Programme can be found on the Commercialisation Programme section of the DECC website.
  2. In order to qualify for the competition, projects must:
  • Be CCS Full Chain, or part chain capable of demonstrating the prospect of being part of a Full Chain Project in the future;
  • Have the Power Plant and capture facility located in GB and the storage site located offshore;
  • Be operational by 2016-2020, though earlier is desirable;
  • Abate CO2 at commercial scale (or be a substantive step toward that objective) whilst meeting all relevant environmental requirements; and
  • Be an electricity generator, or an Industrial [CO2] Emitter where it is part of a Cluster Project.
  1. Further details of the wider package of measures can be found in the CCS Roadmap at on the CCS section of the DECC website.
Published 16 May 2012