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Strengthening Human Rights in Angola

The Chargé d'Affaires, Andrew Ford met NGO Mosaiko to discuss their work on supporting Human Rights and Access to Justice in Angola.

Mosaiko Signing Ceremony July 2016

Mosaiko Signing Ceremony Luanda July 2016

The Chargé d’Affaires, Andrew Ford met representatives from Mosaiko to discuss their work in helping to raise awareness of Human Rights and access to Justice in Angola. Established in 1997 by Dominican missionaries, Mosaiko is the first non-profit Angolan institute to take on the task of promoting human rights in the country.

The Chargé d’Affaires signed a project contract on Human Rights that will help develop legal capacity and raise awareness of Human Rights across the country. Representatives will be invited to attend workshop community-training in Viana, which is one of the most populated suburbs of Luanda.

The project will provide intensive legal training for representatives of local groups of Human Rights campaigners from provinces across Angola and will fund the establishment of a nationwide casework monitoring system. The Chargé d’Affaires in Angola Andrew Ford said “we are pleased to continue our support for of work of Mosaiko in strengthening the legal basis of Human Rights in Angola and their contribution to develop society through education and training. We support this project to help raise awareness of Human Rights in the country and to help broaden legal access for all levels of society and to develop comprehensive integrated systems of casework monitoring. This project demonstrates the UK’s continuing support for the full respect of legal and Human rights in Angola.”

The British Embassy in Luanda is contributing £10,000 towards Mosaiko continuing efforts to develop legal capacity, improve casework monitoring and to raise awareness in Human Rights across Angola. Mosaiko is a national Angolan NGO. The Project will provide for 5 days of intensive legal training for 30 participants across Angola to enhance their knowledge on issues related to Human Rights, Angolan Legislation and other treaties signed by the Angolan State.

The intended impact of this project is to increase the number of people that approach local Human Rights Groups for advice and increase the number of Human Rights representatives nominated by local judges as paralegals and to develop a nationwide system of casework monitoring.

Mosaiko seeks to develop society through education and training and focuses its activities in four areas - training, information, legal counsel and action orientated social research.

Published 12 July 2016