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Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region condemns violence in Burundi

Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region, Danae Dholakia, comments on the overnight violence in Burundi


Ms Dholakia said:

The UK condemns the violence in Burundi overnight and this morning. We condemn all those that have chosen to perpetrate acts of violence instead of pursuing a path of peace and dialogue. Continuing the cycle of unrest will not achieve lasting stability and security for the people of Burundi.

We call on President Nkurunziza to create the conditions for peace and security by engaging in genuinely inclusive dialogue, outside of Burundi, under the auspices of the East African Community and the leadership of the Uganda. The UK will do all it can to help bring an end to the violence. The Minister for Africa will be visiting the region later this month in order to highlight the seriousness with which the UK views the situation in Burundi.

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Published 11 December 2015