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Should all Marine Management Organisation (MMO) data be publicly available?

The Secretary of State has challenged all Defra organisations to open up data.

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Here at the MMO we already have a good track record of evidence transparency and data publication. From our national fisheries statistics, to our evidence project outputs, we have published our reports and data online for a number of years.

We publish the third party data and have access to on our Master Data Register (MDA) so that people can see the broad range of data on which we base our decisions.

We will continue to publish our data to the public as it is produced, and to present it in user friendly ways through, Marine Information System (MIS) and the Marine Case Management System to ensure we are transparent in everything we do.

Our decisions are data-driven and our increasing openness brings opportunities for our partners and customers to identify new or better data to further improve our decision making and their own.

Find out more about these changes on the Defra digital blog.

Published 2 February 2016