Press release

Secretary of State's statement on NI political talks

Earlier this evening, Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP made a short statement on the Northern Ireland Political talks


Mr Brokenshire commented:

Three weeks ago the people of Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly for effective, devolved, power sharing government.

Since then I have been working intensively with the political parties and with the Irish government to find a way forward, including putting forward a number of proposals

I am determined to see a functioning Executive in place at Stormont. I have spoken to the Prime Minister this afternoon and this remains the UK government’s continuing priority.

This is the necessary first step to addressing the issues of greatest public concern - health, education and other public services in Northern Ireland.

Even at this stage I urge political parties to agree to work to form an Executive and provide people here with the strong and stable devolved government that they want.

Published 26 March 2017