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Scientists meet to discuss geological disposal

Scientists from across Europe will meet in London in November to discuss geological disposal of radioactive waste.

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We are hosting the Implementing Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste Technology Platform (IGD-TP) Exchange Forum in London on 3-4 November 2015.

Dr Jon Martin, our head of research, who will chair the meeting said:

The Forum meeting is an opportunity to explore new ideas that could complement our Strategic Research Agenda.Through it we can all prepare future activities and projects that may be developed in the framework of the European Union’s nuclear energy work programme.

Up to 150 delegates from different member organisations – including waste management organisations, research institutes, consultancies and academia – are expected to attend the event.

Other staff taking part include: post-closure safety manager Dr Lucy Bailey; senior research manager, Dr Cristiano Padovani; research manager Dr Ray Kowe; and specification manager Dr Amy Shelton.

Bruce Cairns, head of geological disposal at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), will provide an update on the UK siting process.

Published 13 August 2015