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RV Cefas Endeavour contract extended with P&O Maritime Services

Cefas has extended the contract for the management of its research vessel with P&O Maritime Services (P&OMS) for an additional two years.

RV Cefas Endeavour
RV Cefas Endeavour

This extension will enable Cefas to continue its leading role in monitoring, data collection and fisheries stock assessment. RV Cefas Endeavour is a multi-disciplinary 74 metre research and survey vessel which is used to deliver an extensive monitoring programme to support national and international stock assessments and to provide scientific advice on marine fish stocks.

Cefas currently carries out four annual fish stock surveys around the UK on RV Cefas Endeavour and these surveys provide information on the spatial distribution and relative abundance for important commercial species, as well as providing data for other non-commercial fish and shellfish. RV Cefas Endeavour is also employed to deliver seabed and habitat mapping surveys to underpin decision-making on the designation of Marine Protected Areas and to determine the status and quality of UK seas.

The RV Cefas Endeavour has recently returned from a three-week survey in the North Sea, successfully completing its second charter for the Dutch Government. This programme was part of International Bottom Trawl Survey (IBTS) operations in the North Sea, in collaboration with vessels from other European agencies, under the auspices of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES).

Recent upgrades to the RV Cefas Endeavour’s capabilities represent Cefas’ continued investment in ensuring the vessel stays on the cutting-edge of technology and suitable for use in a broad range of applications. The newly acquired water-sampling rosette profiling system and full-HD camera complement Cefas’ existing range of specialist scientific equipment to support an extensive breadth of services.

Tom Karsten, Cefas CEO, said:

This contract extension is a great vote of confidence in RV Cefas Endeavour’s capability and its continuing role in helping to deliver our science outputs.The Endeavour plays a leading role in generating top quality monitoring and scientific services, underpinning Cefas’ critical contribution to supporting the blue economy and food security.

Rado Antolovic, Managing Director, P&O Maritime, said:

P&O Maritime Services’ management of the RV Cefas Endeavour ensures that the vessel operates to the highest standards, delivering a range of national and international research surveys for a variety of domestic and overseas customers.

Notes to Editors

  1. Research Vessel Cefas Endeavour, our 74 metre multi-disciplinary research vessel which entered service in 2003, specialises in survey operations and is available for charter. In addition, Cefas offers the very latest aerial and marine survey instrumentation and platforms, including in-house developed technology projects and a range of autonomous vehicles.

  2. RV Cefas Endeavour’s homeport is Lowestoft. P&OMS directly employ 42 staff for RV Cefas Endeavour’s operation (8 shore based, 34 on-board) and works with over 30 local suppliers.

  3. For more information about the R/V Cefas Endeavour contact David Limpenny ( or visit our website

Published 22 March 2016