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RPA releases June milk production figures

The United Kingdom wholesale milk deliveries totaled 1,239 million litres in June, the third month of the new milk year, figures released by the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) show.

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At the same time last year this figure was 1,177.4 million litres.

The cumulative total for the year is now 3,851.5 million litres. At the same point in 2013 this figure was 3,523.5 million litres.

The wholesale delivery figures have not been adjusted for butterfat content and all figures are provisional. RPA relies on individual purchasers to provide the data, which is supplied ‘subject to confirmation’ and may be amended.

Wholesale milk production figures for June.


  • The format of UK wholesale milk production notices for the 2014/15 quota year is intended to provide comprehensive and detailed information which does not rely on comparisons with a quota profile;

  • This data is intended as a guide to trends in milk production. However, the figures are compiled from returns submitted to RPA by purchasers; they can only ever be as accurate as the data provided and the figures cannot be relied upon for the purpose of predicting the final levy position;

  • RPA relies on individual purchasers to provide the data, which is supplied ‘subject to confirmation’ and may be amended at any time during the year. Certain monthly figures are therefore subject to confirmation and may be amended. Any amendments to these figures will have a consequent effect on certain cumulative figures;

  • Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the data provided, the Rural Payments Agency shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions;

  • Anyone using the data contained in this Notice will need to take full account of the limitations described in these notes in reaching commercial decisions involving milk quota/milk production;

  • Each individual producer’s output for quota purposes is adjusted for every 0.01% by which the butterfat content of their deliveries differs from their ongoing base figure. If the butterfat content of their deliveries is below their ongoing butterfat base the adjustment is by 0.18%, if greater than their ongoing butterfat base the adjustment is by 0.09%, for every 0.01% difference;

  • The National Reserve of quota is very small (currently less than 0.1% of wholesale quota on allocation) and is included in the wholesale quota figures;

  • The provisional monthly and cumulative deliveries figures for the current month contain an estimated element relating to 0.01% of the deliveries. Two purchasers failed to submit a return;

  • Those producers whose deliveries (butterfat adjusted if necessary) in a Quota Year are lower than their quota, are not required to pay a levy for that Quota Year.

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Published 8 July 2014