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Renewing your DBS update service subscription

If you've joined the DBS update service remember to renew your subscription after 12 months.

If you have joined the update service you’ll be saving time and money by being able to take your DBS check from role to role, within the same workforce.

You’ll also be keeping your DBS check up-to-date for a small annual subscription of £13, or free if you’re a volunteer.

You can renew your subscription to the update service as early as 30 days in advance of it running out.

Your subscription must be renewed by the day before the subscription expiry date. You can’t renew on the expiry date because the account will be closed.

If you don’t renew your subscription in time, you will need to apply for a new DBS check to rejoin the update service.

You may have already opted to automatically renew your subscription when it ends after 12 months. If you haven’t don’t worry, it’s quick and simple to do. Just log in to your account and follow some simple steps to renew your annual subscription to the update service.

You can find out more about the update service in our guidance collection.