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Remit letter and timetable for Police Remuneration Review Body 2016 pay round

Remit letter and timetable for PRRB 2016 pay round

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The Chief Secretary to the Treasury’s letter to the Pay Review Body chairs

The Home Secretary’s remit letter for the 2016 pay round (PDF, 92.1KB, 3 pages)

The remit letter from the Minister of Justice Northern Ireland for the 2016 pay round (PDF, 3.95MB, 3 pages)

The parties’ evidence to PRRB will be published on their own websites on submission in January 2016.

The timetable for the PRRB 2016 pay round is as follows

  • 11 January 2016 – submission of parties’ written evidence
  • March 2016 – England and Wales oral evidence sessions
  • April 2016 - Northern Ireland oral evidence sessions
  • 17 June 2016 – submission of PRRB Report to the Prime Minister, Home Secretary and Justice Northern Ireland.

The UK Government and Northern Ireland Executive determine when it will respond to and publish the report.

Published 10 November 2015